Why recruit a Mariner?

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The world needs experienced mariners.  There are a number of reasons why experienced mariners are in demand globally.  Many maritime companies, or companies that have maritime interests (there is a distinction - more on that later) value people with a maritime background extremely highly and here are some of the reasons why:


  • Mariners have a professional attitude that is second to none.  They know that things have to be done right first time because rework onboard is a far more costly exercise than rework ashore.
  • Mariners work to deadlines from the first time they start at sea. Voyage based timelines, maintenance based time lines and external party based timelines of surveyors and contractors have to be met – full stop.
  • Mariners have an ability born of working in a remote location (the ocean) that fosters inventiveness and innovation when problem solving.  They are self-reliant and confident of team work.
  • Mariners are the most diverse workforce in history.  Shoreside workers think they understand diversity. Try talking to a mariner about the number of nationalities on their crew, their backgrounds, religions, up bringing…
  • Mariners understand the power of the team – a ship’s crew is the most effective team based unit ever devised.  They literally live and breath side by side for months at a time – developing strong bonds and producing results that often the office takes for granted.  The fact is that despite the incredible pressure mariners are placed under on a regular basis, those teams of 10, 20 or 30 and up men and women deliver incredible performance day in and day out.
  • Mariners manage their teams without the option of hiring and firing, they have to develop what they are given.  

So who recruits Mariners?  There are the obvious choices of course - ship managers need professionals ashore who understand the way ships are operated, and there are Surveyors and Inspection companies who also need Mariners to undertake their work in vessel inspection for example.

There are however a number of roles where Mariners are sometimes recruited - but not always These are the companies with ''maritime interests'' - so for example marine equipment manufacturers and their sales teams - Mariners can be very successful selling to other Mariners.  There are Law Firms that require the expertise of Mariners on their legal teams. 

A good way to get to know who employs Mariners is on Linkedin - look at Mariners profiles and their company's profiles.  

At SHORESIDE Recruitment - we focus on recruiting and placing Mariners in shore based positions. 

If you are a Mariner looking to make connections for a move ashore - why not join our SHORESIDERS group on Linkedin? https://www.linkedin.com/group...

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