Take some of your time to make a difference

The Africa Mercy and coming soon the Global Mercy The Africa Mercy are the world’s largest charity-run hospital ship, with around 470-720 crew onboard. The ship includes the hospital, crew accommodation, dining room, café, school, library and offices. We usually stay docked in a port for 10 months, setting up camp in our dock space. Crew can leave the ship to explore the city or get involved with an organised program ashore. We have crew from more 50 different nations every year, making a vibrant, faith-based community that thrives on loving and serving one another. Every crew member makes a difference and every role is crucial. There’s always something going on to get involved in!


Mercy Ships delivers free surgical care onboard the Africa Mercy, a floating hospital that serves people who would have no other way to receive help.

As well as providing direct medical care, Mercy Ships also train and mentor healthcare professionals, renovate hospitals and clinics, and work with governments to build sustainable national healthcare plans.

We don’t just need doctors and nurses. Half of the positions onboard are in our Maritime & Technical or general departments. We’re a ship, so we need marine deck and engineering crew. These volunteers fuel the work in the hospital and sail us to each destination.

 And we also need support staff around the ship who play vital roles - feeding everyone, keeping our IT equipment running, keeping our vehicles going, taking photos or teaching in the school. We need your skills!

Volunteer Crew Positions
Marine Officer
Marine Engineer


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