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SHORESIDE Recruitment is on your side for your shore based maritime vacancies

Mariners are in demand, and rightly so, in many roles in the shore based maritime industry.

From Harbour Masters and Marine Lawyers, to Surveyors and Technical Superintendents and everything else in between, Mariners have a unique skillset and knowledge base to bring performance and understanding to your organisation.

SHORESIDE Recruitment is a recruiter with a difference - our recruiters are Mariners and have built careers at sea and ashore.

We have direct industry experience in a number of different roles at sea and ashore and can bring that knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the right match for a shore based vacancy.

"Whether that is a first step ashore, or a more senior management role - we specialise in placing Mariners at the heart of your maritime business."



Maritime Knowledge. Integrity. Trust. Results. Fast.

SHORESIDE Recruitment is a bespoke maritime consultancy, focused on placing great Mariners at the heart of your maritime business.

We have direct industry experience which we bring to your hiring project to ensure that position requirements are fully understood and advertised correctly in the most effective way to attract the right people for your vacancies.

We do not simply ''pattern match'' against your JD and send tens of CVs for you to then spend your time sifting. 

We only ever propose candidates to you that are competent for the role, with suitable qualifications and experience, and that we have screened through a video or voice call. 

If we propose a candidate, then that candidate is someone we would be happy to hire.

If that means we send you only 1 or 2 CVs then fine, if it means we come back and explain that we have found no suitable candidates - then fine. We will not compromise on your standards.


Maritime business experience

SHORESIDE Recruitment targets Mariners for shore based vacancies

  • Utilising our connections and a network of more than 3,500 Mariners globally
  • Including Mariners still at sea, and those in positions ashore
  • Using our personal experience of having transitioned from seagoing to ashore
  • Using our personal experience of having managed departments and businesses in the maritime industry
  • Providing real world advice and insight into success factors involved in building teams and position requirements, recruiting, selecting, appraising, career building, and employee engagement in the marine industry in the 21st Century

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